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First milestone of one dream achieved ..

I am a bookworm, and had a #dream that one day my name would be on a #book! It seems like, I recently reached my first #milestone, when the Bombay Stock Exchange BSE Brokers' Forum's annual publication "Forum Views", covered my article "How the #Cloud is powering market data in capital markets."

Quoting a part of my contribution here for reference:

More of my writing is available on pages 251-252 on the book (E-book).

Do read the book and give me suggestions to improve my writing.

I am very fortunate to be listed among these leaders, and my heartful thanks to the BSE Brokers' Forum for giving me this opportunity. Special thanks to Dr. Vispi Bhathena , the CEO of the forum, for considering me.

The Book covers articles from CEOs, COOs, CIOs, CTOs, and CPOs of the banking and finance sector across the world. I picked a few leaders for a quick reference:

Madhabi Puri Buch, Chairperson, Securities and Exchange Board of India SEBI

Fazeela Gopalani, Head of ACCA, Middle East

@Neerja Birla Founder & Chairperson, Aditya Birla Education Trust

Savithri Parekh, Company Secretary & Compliance Officer, Reliance Industries Limited

Vineeta Singh, Co-Founder & CEO, SUGAR Cosmetics,

Yassmin Mistry, Mrs.World International 2022

Padmaja Chunduru& CEO, @National Security Depository Ltd,

Seema Nayak Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Ltd (NCDEX),

... many more ...then ... Satyavathi Divadari, CyberRes Cloud CTO, OpenText .. me too :-)

While the first mile stone was completed, now looking forward to writing a full book.

A girl ( lady) can dream on.. right?

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